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About the Staff

Dr. Howard Davidson

A graduate of Stanford University, Dr. Davidson worked for a time as a newspaper reporter before making a career switch in 1992, when he enrolled in medical school at the University of Pittsburgh. Upon graduation, he completed a Pediatric Residency at Oregon Health and Sciences University. In a pleasant surprise, Dr. Davidson discovered that his former profession comes in handy in the office, as it turns out that much of medicine is figuring out how to "get the story."

In his free time, he enjoys whitewater kayaking, skiing and spending time with his family.

Sonia Sabagala

Receptionist, Referral Specialist

As a mother of two young children, Sonia loves working at the front desk of our office, as it allows her to interact with kids all day. She has a pleasant, reassuring manner that puts people at ease, even if visiting the doctor is not always their idea of fun. She also is a well-organized and thorough worker who will assist you with referral and billing questions.

In her free time, Sonia enjoys working out (she can do more push ups than you can) traveling and watching sports with family and friends.

Megan King

Receptionist, Referral Specialist

In another life, Megan could have been a kindergarten teacher. She truly enjoys the antics of kids and has an easy going charm that captivates them. In other words, she is the perfect person to greet your child when you arrive at the office. When not checking in patients, making phone calls to insurance companies or otherwise coordinating activities, Megan enjoys spontaneous singing. Ask her to recite her version of the Lego Song! Also ask her about her two wonderful kids. Megan is always happy to chat.

Lori Wallace


There are some people who have what, in Spanish, is termed "gracia," which loosely translates as grace, kindness and wit, in other words an ability to empathize with others and put them at ease. Lori is one of these people. She is a nurse with 29 years experience and a mother of four grown children and five grandkids, all of which, no doubt, contributes to her remarkable demeanor. Whether fielding questions on the phone from worried parents, or administering medicines to a sick, frightened child, Lori carries herself in a manner that is, itself, part of the therapy. We are lucky to have her (and all our other staff members, for that matter) in the office.

Dr. Raquel Apodaca

Mother, Wife, Volleyball Coach, and, of course, caring Pediatric Physician, Dr. Apodaca has wanted to work with children since her own childhood in Los Angeles. A graduate of Vassar College, she earned her M.D. from Temple University and completed a Pediatric Residency at Northwestern University, in Chicago, before settling in Oregon.

Kammie Wold

Certified Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist

She may be the youngest member of our team, but Kammie is definitely not the baby of the office. On the contrary, she is a hard-working, multitalented, medical professional who treats her job with the utmost seriousness. She is someone you can always count on. We certainly do.

Her tireless work ethic probably has something to do with her rural background, as she was raised on her family's farm in Western Washington County, where there was never any shortage of tasks to complete. She is the mother of a young son and the guardian of a preteen girl. In her free time, Kammie enjoys hiking, camping, fishing and photography.

Michelle Espinoza

Billing Specialist

It is an unfortunate reality in today's medical system - the billing process can be complicated, confusing and, at times, frustrating. Fortunately for our patients and their families, Shelly is always ready to help. With 18 years in the field, she is able to draw upon her vast experience to clarify the sometimes mysterious world of medical billing. Feel free to call her anytime. When not at work, this energetic mother of three and grandma of two enjoys travelling and spending time with her family.